Four Corners Science, Policy, and Public Lands Symposium

September 19 - 20th, Gunnison, CO

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public lands management and the integrity of science will be crucial conversations in the upcoming election.

contribute to the conversation at the four corners symposium.

The Four Corners Science, Policy, and Public Lands Symposium will explore in depth how scientists, politicians, and agencies are collaborating on current science policy issues related to land management in the American Southwest, and how this collaboration can become more engaging, transparent and expansive.

The topic of effective collaboration will be explored through keynote presentations and a workshop-style forum in which participants will directly engage politicians, scientists, and land managers in discussions on the challenges and concerns faced by residents of the Four Corners Region.

Attendees, as well as individuals that are unable to attend the symposium but reside in the Four Corners, will complete a survey to assess the priorities of communities living in the Four Corners Region. The survey results will inform a letter for state representatives and a questionnaire for state and national politicians, with the goal of raising political awareness and inspiring action toward addressing the priorities and challenges of communities in the Four Corners area.