Science & Monitoring in Taylor Park

A Western Colorado University-affiliated science team began monitoring conditions in Taylor Park in the summer of 2019. The science team supports the adaptive management group and Forest Service by completing on-the-ground fieldwork relevant to questions about the project as well as cultivating an in-depth understanding of the forest structure, age class, health, and use by wildlife in Taylor Park.

First year monitoring includes sapling and seedling counts, tree coring, mistletoe presence and absence data collection, camera traps set for big game, small mammal trapping, and breeding bird point counts to name a few. In time, researchers will provide scientific information to support the Gunnison District in assessing if vegetation management practices are moving the landscape towards desired forest conditions.

Click here to dive deeper into the resources the science team is utilizing for the development of their monitoring efforts.

Science Team

High School Intern: Antonio Zermano