The 2019 Four Corners Symposium will include presentations, panels, and breakout sessions focused on the following topics:


Renewable energy on public lands

An investigation of the successes, challenges and opportunities associated with renewable energy developments on public lands in the Southwest.

Native people, co-management and the Antiquities Act

National monuments and public lands carry cultural and ecological significance. Maintaining public access to and management of these areas is a right of the American public. What is the role of citizenship and collaboration in ensuring preservation of our protected spaces?

Water in the Southwest

Allocation, rights, preservation, and efficiency of water resources are all pressing topics concerning headwaters and low elevation regions of the Southwest.

Development Dilemmas on Private and Public Lands

The Southwest is composed of extraordinary recreational opportunities, diverse wildlife habitats, and unique natural wonders. The actualization of this amazing landscape has led to an influx of residents, along with developments to support the rising populations. How do communities balance the structural needs of more people while preserving the ecological integrity of the landscape?

Communicating and managing for climate change on public lands

What actions can we, citizens of the Four Corners, take to demand the integration of scientific research into political and management decisions?